COVID-19 Update

What's up dudes! Well it is with a heavy heart that I post today. Obviously, all the deaths and stuff with Covid is a huge bummer but of course the biggest bummer by far is the canceling of the summer tour schedule. As Dave often says "A crisis is just an opportunity!".... So in that spirit I am posting today to talk to you not about how it sucks that DBM is cancelling shows but about how I have a potential solution to the global pandemic!!!!

Now I know you want me just to spit it out already but I have to educate you on some background first so you will understand how this will work and how WE CAN GET BACK TO GOING TO SHOWS. And trust me this is not some stupid social distance thing - been there tried that! Okay. Here goes:

Earth is not just some rock. It is a living interconnected biosphere. Some might call it Mother Gaia. The earth also has it own unique natural harmonic frequency based on it solar cycle.

In order to find the earth note, we octave the earth frequency by 24 and we find the "G" (Sol), This note "G" is important because it is the dominant note (fifth) of the scale "C" major which occupies a special place in Western music.

When the earth gets out of groove because of conflict or civil unrest the planet's frequencies changes. This change in frequency alters the biosphere which triggers an immune response to heal the planet. Because humans are not being bros to one another the earth is trying to cleanse us with a new virus. I know your thinking "wow that sucks". Yes, bro it does. But relax because I know that we can Patch Adams this virus with my simple two step plan.

  1. Heal the unrest! Now i don't want to get into a whole Trump / BLM thing here. That said, I do recognize that there are people in this country that have been given an unfair deal. And while I DO NOT want to diminishing any of the suffering of African Americans (like Dave) or any other disadvantaged minority group I DO want to take a moment to say I FEEL YOU. Daveheads also have been unfairly stereotyped and TARGETED by the police. I have been cited numerous times for nothing more than drinking/smoking in public only because I was at a show - meanwhile they have Bud-light ads during the FUCKING SUPERBOWL and nobody bats an eye. I have a buddy who has to hide the fact that he is a Davehead from his employer just because pilots can't smoke weed! So once again I feel you. And I think that we can come together through listening to each other and by LISTENING TO DMB TOGETHER. Which bring me to:
  2. THROW THE MOST EPIC GLOBAL CONCERT EVER!!!! So to get us all back on the same groove we need to groove together. Through global streaming we could but on a live stream global DMB show. And I can think of not better day for this Global Event then the Forth of Fucking JULY! (Yes just like the movie bro!). Here is my plan...Up in Alaska is a miltary device called HAARP which "project directs a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band, into the ionosphere. The signal may be pulsed or continuous" ( I say we hijack this device and for the good of mankind use it to play all the best DMB songs directly to the earth live. As the show goes live in a huge coordinated global effort people around the world tune in to the show.

The idea is that everyone cranks it to 10! Places their speaker TOWARDS THE GROUND (for the EARTH) as as one planet we all groove to the WORLDS GREATEST JAM BAND!!!!!! This should, by my estimate, both unite the people of this great earth and heal the biosphere back to its natural harmonic frequency, which will restore order.

Please Spread this idea - lets get it to Dave and together we can destroy this virus and destroy hate.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programing!

So what's up with this page Bro?

I have been attending DMB (Dave Matthew's Band) shows for well over 18 years (137 concerts) and I always get the same questions from newbies who are looking to get into the DMB scene. This my personal collection of FAQs answered my me.

Hey dude, whats a Davehead?

I consider it a fucking badge of honor and a way of life! It is an unofficial nickname people that attend DMB events called themselves. It means you are part are down with the DMB scene - the music, the culture and the chill vibe. It is kind of like a big-ass weird hippy family that you can be a part of.

What is with that Jesus sticker?

That is not JC (no offense) it is the fire dancer. It represents the Davehead lifestyle: getting blazed and grooving to the tunes.

Whats do you call the event? Concert/Festival/Show?

I call it THE SHOW, the collection of shows is called THE TOUR. No need to call it the DMB show - we know it's DMB why else would we even be talking about it we are Daveheads.

Whats do you do when you are there?

Just grove baby! just groooooooooove....

Do you know Dave?

Most of the time Daveheads call Dave Matthews just "Dave". Newbies will ask "Do you know Dave?" or "Do you know the band?". My answer is a little I have a personal relationship with Dave? Yes I do! Have I ever spoken to Dave or shook his hand? No. That may sound funny but really it is straight forward. How do you get to know a person; I am not talking about chit-chat I mean really KNOW them! Well to know someone is to know their hopes, dreams, fears and passions. So do I know Dave? Yes I know him from his MUSIC. Does Dave know me? Well I know we share the same passions ( jamming, grooving, getting lost in the tunes ) so in a way YES.

Is it true DMB is all about smoking weed?

Not at all. Do people blaze at DMB gigs? Ab-so-lutely! Does everybody? Not even. Some folk would rather drink a couple beers or take some magic mushrooms or drop some acid or maybe a lil' tab of E- it is all a personal choice and no one is going to make you do anything. Will you enjoy the music more with a little "enhancement"? Fo sho my dude!

Why do all the songs sound the same?

Tell me if you've seen this in the movies: A guy walks into a bar and boom *record scratch*! The music stops and everyone looks up. What just happened? Well the record scratch killed the vibe - everyone was chill with the music going then all a sudden bam no tunes. When the music stops the vibe dies! When the music changes the vibe changes too. But what if the vibe is already PERFECT? Well if you change the music the vibe would get less chill all the sudden. DMB cracked the code on this. Simply don't change the vibe by not changing the music.

What's your favorite DMB song?

Don't say crash. Don't say crash. Show the fam you are legit my naming a tune that is NOT on the radio. My favorite is "All along the watchtower" cover and all of the "Ants go marching 1 by 1". What's the best DMB song? Crash obviously (that's why it on the fucking top 40) but a song can't me YOUR favorite unless it is personal to YOU and that means nobody else knows about it!!!

What type of peeps go to the shows?

All types of people from college students to tattoo artists, yoga instructors, bartenders and baristas even your friendly neighborhood "supplier" might be there!

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, a blanket, whatever little scooby snacks you want for the show. Hacky sack, beachball, or frisbee is never a bad bet. What not to bring? a hater attitude that kills the is all about the vibe my guy!

Where to sit?

The TRUE fans, the real Daveheads, buy tickets for the lawn. Way in the back. Why? Well first off only posers spend $300 on DMB tixs. Second the lawn is where you are free to...well...enhance the music.

What's it cost?

Tix for the lawn are typs under 50 bones. I am not saying you aren't gonna spend $300 for the event but you want some room in the budget for supplies.

Where do I sleep?

If you're a girl - don't worry about it LOL I got you covered. If your a guy, to be honest, I would recommend just getting BLASTED and then you won't give a fuck where you pass out. Truth be told I have woken up some weird ass places but at least I had other Daveheads getting my back. Family.

Who is the Dav Fam?

Easy one. This is the DMB fan (Davehead) network. These are your best friend for a couple of days out of the year. And we really are like a FAMILY. I have a few Dav Fams (just like my Dad had a few families - runs in the blood i guess LOL). I have my #GorgeWAfam and my #NashFAM and my #TampaFAM. I love them all and they all 100% have my back for the WHOLE time we are grooving to the concert. Shout out to Joey, Brando, Markus and Jass (not sure if that is your real name bro!) you guys save my life every year. This is really what make DMB soooo cool - think of something else you can buy for $50 that give you a REAL family for a few days! An after it's all over we all just drift into the wind till next summer - unlike my biological (I don't want to say real family cuz what does that mean) family who just is going to ask you to pick them up from the podiatrist or some shit.

Now you know see you at THE SHOW: